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Okay, I am currently waaaaaay overworked. I swear... some days I just want to bash my head against the way for taking Exellerated (X) classes in high school. So, this brings me to an important point for the people online who are always asking me for art. *COUGH*deachan*COUGH* I will not be giving away free art anymore. I work on COMMISION ONLY now, and I may start selling some prints of a few of my better pieces.

But since there are only a few people who worry about that, on to the plushies! A lot of people liked Cami, the camoflage mole, so I decided to take on a certainly little project. I'm going to be making plushies of Sloth from Sins Venials ! This is what he looks like;…

The plushie will stand about five or six inches tall, and be made of either dark blue fleece or faux fur, depending on the cost. They will be for sale for $20 through the Sins website, and I'll start putting them together when I get the fabric (hopefully this weekend). While this is going to be insane and probably pointless, I'm still going to do it. Yay! They'll be cute, I promise. ^ ^
Mr-Deep Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006  Hobbyist
^^ hay i just ask i never expect you to actuely DO it
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November 15, 2006